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Alternatively-Fuelled Heavy-Duty Vehicle (AFHDV) Purchase Grant

To promote the decarbonisation of the heavy duty sector and to assist road transport companies to transition from fossil fuels, the Department of Transport has launched a new Alternatively-Fuelled Heavy-Duty Vehicle (AFHDV) purchase grant scheme.

The AFHDV Grant Scheme will support the purchase of new, non-retrofitted large vans, trucks, buses and coaches with an unladen design gross weight of more than 3.5 tonnes. The Scheme is intended to help bridge the difference in purchase price between conventional heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) and those powered by alternatively-fuelled power-trains that offer environmental benefits over standard diesel vehicle technologies, and that would not otherwise have been bought.

To accord with EU State Aid rules, grant levels under the Scheme are calculated as a percentage of the difference in price between a conventionally-fuelled diesel HDV and its alternatively-fuelled equivalent. Maximum grant levels for eligible vehicles depend on the size of the company or enterprise applying for the grant, and on the fuel-type of the vehicle that the applicant wishes to buy.

The Scheme is administered by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) on behalf of the Department. Details of the AFHDV Scheme, including terms and conditions, grant eligibility, supported vehicle categories and grant support levels are to be found on the TII website, link here .

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