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British Red Cross introduce new management system

The British Red Cross along with its technology partners Transition Works and AIDC Solutions have announced that they are to introduce a new system to dramatically improve the management of 5000 Red Cross assets . The assets which are used in various Red Cross humanitarian aid projects throughout the world include laptops, surveying equipment, GPS locators and vehicles.

The new management system will see each of these assets being fitted with a RFID (radio frequency identification) tag which stores all vital information such as location and the details of the user. These tags will be able to be scanned by a handheld device that will record and update any changes before being uploaded to the British Red Cross Server.

The new system is to be navigated from the Red Cross international warehouse which is located in Bristol. It is from this location that the organisation keeps all of its logistic equipment that is used by the Emergency Response Units. The new trial system will be of huge benefit to these response units as they deliver aid relief to those who need it in areas of humanitarian crisis as well as disaster zones.

The system is designed to keep track of fork lift trucks, drilling and other construction equipment, hygiene promotion items, vehicles and generators and make the process of relief more manageable.Speaking about the benefit of the new tracking system the British Red Cross logistics support officer David Northfield recently stated “As an organisation supported and funded by our donors our accountability and visibility are vital, and we take the responsibility of tracking our assets very seriously.The new asset management system will help us do that, as well as streamlining our processes and response.”

Humanitarian relief plays a vital role in the logistics sector and it is vital that every measure is taken to make sure that aid is transported and distributed as swiftly and efficiently as possible. This new management system to be used by the British Red Cross should make their terrific work operate more smoothly in the future.


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