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cargo-partner Helps Streamline and Digitalise Supply Chains with Control Tower Solutions

cargo-partner can help customers take control of their global inventory, providing them with more efficient solutions via a ‘control tower’ approach to oversee all their operational and warehousing activity.

The full-range info-logistics provider offers air, sea, rail, land transport and warehousing services from over 160 offices globally, and in Ireland the team are now supporting more and more customers with control tower solutions, helping them navigate their global warehouse stock effectively.

One current example sees the Ireland team support an international customer with warehouse fulfilment and last-mile distribution services across three continents, managing their warehouse stock in China, the Netherlands and the USA.

Supply chain control towers provide visibility into inventory across an entire network – so companies have what they need, where they need it, when they need it – and at cargo-partner, customers also have one key contact who will liaise with the various warehouses they are using, reporting and managing all activity on their behalf. This approach not only ensures full visibility on a business’s supply chain, but streamlines and digitalises all aspects of billing, communication and inventory.

Michael McMahon, Manager Contract Logistics at cargo-partner Ireland, said, “a supply chain control tower is a centralized, data-driven platform that offers real-time visibility into a company’s production, sales, and supply operations, enabling efficient management from procurement to customer delivery.”

“Through this approach, customers have the ability to have multiple global warehouses and in most instances would be given contacts from each location to deal with directly. However, at cargo-partner we take away that headache and customers will deal directly with one colleague – like myself – and in return, we will be the middle person to work with various warehouse locations, supporting their business needs and reporting on the operational activity.”

Acting as a neutral control tower and working from a multi-carrier perspective, cargo-partner can take on all transport and logistical requirements, allowing customers to concentrate more effectively on their core business. The company operates a dense network of warehouses throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, Australia and the USA, so has the knowledge and expertise to help streamline all supply chain processes.

cargo partner’s Ireland team are supporting a number of customers with control tower services. The office in Dublin provides ideal connections to all major airports, ports and logistics hubs bringing cargo-partner closer to its Irish customers.


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