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CEO’s of PKP Cargo and PGE resign.

It emerged over the weekend that the CEO’s of PGE and PKP Cargo have resigned from their jobs. The news is certainly in keeping with a recent trend for Polish state-controlled companies. Krzysztof Lilian(PGE) and Lukasz Boron (PKP Cargo) have officially resigned of their own accord.

Mr. Kilian was the CEO of PGE which is Poland’s biggest utility stated that his decision to leave his post was based “on important grounds” which are believed to surround a sudden change in management at the end of October.PGE had been engaged in a bitter dispute with the government regarding the planned expansion of its coal-fired power plant in Opole. The company withdrew from the project, saying that it would not be profitable.

Also leaving his position was Lukasz Boron of PKP Cargo which is the second largest railway freight operator in the European Union. Mr. Boron stated that he was leaving his position dues to personal reasons. The company’s CFO Adam Purwin has taken over Mr. Boron’s duties until the company appoints a new permanent CEO.

Mr. Boron has been the CEO of the company since last January and had been behind the move to make PKP Cargo a publicly listed company when they debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange early last month.


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