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CILT Global Branding Launch Takes Place In Dublin

There was great excitement on Monday the 16th in Dublin as Ireland had the great honour of hosting the global launch of the new corporate identity for the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport worldwide. Ireland had been chosen for the worldwide reveal of the new corporate branding and there was a terrific turnout at the reception in Dublin for the historic occasion. The launch, sponsored by Diageo was a hailed as a great success by all in attendance. The new identity compromises a new logo and brand image that from now on will be the sole identity used by the Institute throughout the world. Those in attendance included Dr Dorothy Chan, International President of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport who was the keynote speaker at the reception where she outlined the contribution made by the Institute and its members to economic and social development throughout the world and also outlined her vision for the future of the Institute.

Commenting recently on the new global rebranding of the Institute Dr Chan said:

“The launch of the new common brand across all nations shows to our members that we believe we are stronger together as one professional family and that we can draw on one another to add greater value to the organisations we represent. I am particularly excited that this new brand will enable us to deliver on our key growth strategies internationally and allow all of our members and wider stakeholders to take part in our strong future together. “The Institute has for many years championed professionalism in each discipline that we represent and our chartered members and fellows have recognised that a stronger unified image will allow us to communicate our core values more easily across the globe.

We are particularly proud that our values of integrity and professionalism have been recognised by governments, educationalists and industry alike” of September in the Guinness Storehouse Speaking at the reception Dr Chan outlined that the objective of the rebranding was “To create a modern, globally recognized identity that reflected the international nature of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport as the first choice professional body for Supply Chain, Logistics and Transport.” The new purple and gold global logo is set to become a familiar sight everywhere in the world and the new brand will provide all of the Institutes members with the benefit of global recognition through a single brand image, globally accepted professional standards and to become the first choice home for all supply chain, logistics and transport professionals wherever they are.

The new logo’s Round shape means global and the arrows signify movement, direction and energy. The arrows show the scope of CILT with each one covering the different logistics sectors. The new colours, a combination of gold, cream with purple projects a noble image matching the Institutes chartered status and heritage. The Institute name which is to be used by every country also demonstrates a unified professional body with a global mandate.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), maintains and advances professional standards in supply chain, logistics, and transport across the world. Since its foundation in 1919 the CILT’s influence and commitment to furthering a common vision of professional standards and the sharing of knowledge worldwide means CILT membership has become a universal benchmark for quality and confidence in every continent.

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, which has offices in 31 countries and a presence in over 100 worldwide provides an extensive education, training and professional networking platform for professionals across the world. The global launch of the Institute’s new single brand and message, ‘Stronger Together’, introduces a global identity of trusted professionalism which will be visible wherever its members are in the world.

Keith Newton, the Institute’s international Secretary General, welcomes the new identity and commented: “Having spent my whole career working closely with the Institute I am certain that our new common identity, with its confident message ‘Stronger Together’, will unify and energise our activities and enable us to be the first choice professional body for everybody associated with the supply chain, logistics and transport across the world.” Moving towards the next century the new logo identity portraits an image of global leadership, professionalism, diversity and unity which signifies the Institutes spirit and mission of growing stronger together.


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