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CILT Skillnet Course: Practical Digital Marketing

Programme overview

This practically focused programme is targeted towards people who wish to specialise in the field of digital marketing with a view to entering the transport/logistics/supply chain industry, or those who are working in transport, logistics & supply chain management industries that require the input of digital marketing techniques to enhance, or in some cases drive, the overall marketing function and strategy.

The massive growth of social media and mobile marketing in recent years means that marketers need a strong skill set and knowledge base that is digital. Therefore, they will need both the visibility and traceability that digital marketing affords. Given how fast the digital marketing arena moves in terms of technologies and practice all modules are written with flexibility in mind. Learners are facilitated in exploring new ideas and technologies where applicable.

In this way, this programme remains up-to-date with industry trends and best practice. Learners will be exposed to both the online classroom environment to understand and learn the theoretical concepts and models which will then be applied to their knowledge utilising online learning activities. On completion of the programme the learner will be equipped with the skills needed to work in a digital marketing environment either stand alone as part of a business function.

This programme accommodates a wide audience of learners whose specific interests in digital marketing may be either technically focused or business focused.

This programme will be delivered by Michael Lynham remotely via Zoom.

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