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Distracted drivers issue addressed at Road Safety Conference

Last month saw the International Road Safety Conference hosted by the Road Safety Authority held in Dublin. One of the topics that were covered by the speakers was the issue of Driver Distraction. Those in attendance were shown some rather interesting and revealing statistics that highlight the risk road users if they are not 100% focused on the road while operating a vehicle.

Those who operate in the commercial industry driver more often and longer than private car drivers and the message delivered was that it is imperative to always be alert and aware while driving because diverting attention can lead to fatal consequences.

Those who become distracted when driving were said to play a role in 20-30% of all road accidents. The use of mobile devices like phones or satellite navigation systems was also highlighted as an equal danger. At any point 5% of Irish drivers are using a mobile phone while driving, with that figure significantly higher in urban areas, with Dublin recording a rate of 13%.

Governments as well as car manufacturers have been working on plans to introduce new vehicle to vehicle communication software to allow vehicles to instantly communicate safety information to other road users in the area they are travelling.

Volvo has put their own stamp on this type of software by introducing a new pilot project that will allow cars to communicate data from wheel-slip sensors to not only alert other vehicles to icy road conditions, but also to road maintenance authorities.


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