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Dublin Airport Authority has Expressed Regret over not Being Allowed to Purchase the local Quick Park Facility

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), the operator of Dublin Airport, is disappointed by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission’s (CCPC) decision to prevent the DAA from buying the former QuickPark parking facility.

They claim that the decision is bad news for passengers who will face difficulty finding parking at the airport in the summer peak. daa is baffled by the CCPC view that daa buying the facility would have led to car park prices increasing: it would have the opposite effect, as is the norm in supply and demand economics. According to the DAA, allowing them to operate the Quick Park facility would have made 6,200 much-needed and currently idle parking spaces available to passengers once again, resulting in increased choice and lower prices for the travelling public.

Kenny Jacobs, CEO of DAA, said, “The DAA is committing to keep summer 2024 prices in line with summer 2023. We will also do everything we can to find alternative potential summer car park sites and we will keep passengers informed via the Dublin Airport website. As always, our advice to the public is to book early. At the same time, we will continue to promote the alternative travel options available, including an average of more than 1,000 bus departures from the airport every day – all while frustrated passengers pass by the QuickPark facility which remains empty.”

“The DAA did all it could over the past 13 months to satisfy the CCPC, including offering to give up as a remedy one-third of the spaces to a third party. We will review the CCPC’s decision and consider all options, including an appeal.”



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