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Dublin Port Company Pledge Sustainable Port City Development With Signing of Agenda 2030 By AIVP

Dublin Port Company (DPC) has officially signed the 2030 Agenda of the International Association of the Ports and the Cities (AIVP), demonstrating its engagement for the sustainable development of the port city. This initiative aims to promote closer links between ports and cities, preserve port heritage, promote sustainable energy and protect the marine environment.

AIVP’s 2030 Agenda was created to adapt the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals of the relationships between ports and cities. It includes ten key objectives that aim to promote sustainability in port cities. These objectives include adapting to climate change, promoting energy transition and the circular economy, encouraging sustainable mobility, improving governance, investing in human capital, preserving port culture, ensuring quality nutrition, improving the interface between port and city, promoting health and quality of life and protecting biodiversity.

With this signature, the Dublin Port Company joins a global community of port cities that support these goals. The company is involved in initiatives to preserve the port culture and integrate the port with the city, such as the Liffey-Tolka project, which creates pedestrian and cycle paths around the port. The DPC is also committed to protecting the biodiversity of Dublin Bay, UNESCO biosphere reserve, and works with organisations such as Birdwatch Ireland and the Irish Whale and Dolphins Observation Group to monitor species in the area.

Dublin Port Company CEO Barry O’Connell emphasised the company’s pride in supporting AIVP’s 2030 Agenda and promoting a sustainable port city through projects such as Substation and the Liffey-Tolka project, that are being undertaken currently.

Josè Sanchez, Director of the 2030 Agenda of AIVP, praised the leadership role of the DPC in promoting sustainable practices and stressed the importance of their long-term commitment to the 2030 Agenda of AIVP to inspire positive changes in the global community of port cities.

Source: Dublin Port Company


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