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eTIR Is Taking TIR Digital

Since 1949, the operating system called TIR has ensured a faster, securer and more cost efficient way of transporting goods across international borders.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the IRU are currently working on transforming TIR into a fully computerised version to coexist with the digital age.

Both organisations are conducting a joint pilot project with the IRU between Turkey and Iran to assess how the TIR System can shift from paper-based to a fully electronic ‘eTIR’ System.

The Turkey-Iran eTIR pilot project shows:

“how the system offers tools to rely exclusively on electronic messages from all communications between IRU, transport operators and customs officers. As soon as details of the cargo are uploaded, customs can exchange data on declarations. This enables accurate risk management and the parties involved can monitor the transit with updates, notifications, tracking, controls and instant messaging. The risk of fraud is decreased and the administrative burden minimised. TIR procedures are accelerated and advance cargo information is available.”

Could this be the future of post Brexit customs with the UK for the transport and logistics sector?


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