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EU Cars and Light Vans to have eCall Emergency Feature in 2018

As of March 31st 2018, all cars and light vans in the European Union will be equipped with a device called an eCall which automatically alerts emergency services in the event of a car crash.  Using in-car sensors to detect crash through the triggering of airbags and other factors, the emergency call device will then automatically transmit pertinent information to the emergency services: vehicle type, location, and time of accident.

The new measure is expected to reduce emergency response time by 40% in built-up areas and 50% in the country, and is hoped to reduce accident fatalities by 10%.  According to Czech MEP and chief negotiator for the legislation,  Olga Sehnalova,  “Deploying the 112-based eCall in-vehicle emergency system across the EU will help to improve road safety in all 28 member states. The European Parliament has repeatedly stressed that reducing deaths and the severity of injuries on the roads is its priority.

eCall as a public service, free of charge for all citizens, irrespective of the type of vehicle or its purchase price, will contribute to this common goal.”  Erik Jonnaert, of the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association welcomed the mandatory new provision, saying that the final wording of the legislation “strikes a good balance between saving lives and protecting data.”


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