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European Logistics Association Awards 2016

ELA is a federation of more than 30 National Logistics Associations covering most of Western, central European and beyond. The members of these National Logistics Associations are professionals working in a logistics function, mainly in the industry but also in different service sectors.

As The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport are members of the European Logistics Association and as their representative in Ireland, we are proud to announce the winners of the ELA Awards 2016.

The ELA Awards Winners

Between the finalists of national award winning projects, the European Logistics Association celebrates the best Logistics project of the year as well as the best Logistics professional of the year.

  •        The winner for Project of the year is BLG Logistics and Engelbert Strauss
  •          The winner of Professional of the year is Michalis Ziglis from Greece
  •        The winner of best presentation is AgfaGraphics

We congratulate all winners and wish them the very best in the future.

Project of the year 2016 – BLG and Engelbert Strauss

“Stargate junction – logistics at the interface between humans and robots”

This project saw the implementation of a mobile, scalable and efficient warehousing and order picking solution in a landmarked building within a short time. This warehouse logistics project is a very interesting and innovative solution, providing an exciting example of how technical and intelligent background can support and help human resources to work more efficiently and competitively.

During the implementation of a new (return) activity to the existing warehouse operation BLG Handelslogistik faced the great problem of adapting to a building that was protected as an architectural heritage, with restrictions to space, the column grid and the height. The selected and implemented system (combined with the existing WMS) used moving robotic carrying racks to be filled in the returns area as well as the picking area. The great advantage of the system is the scalability and expandability with rapid implementation. It gives high flexibility to the logistic service provider to help customers in the changing business environment. The Fleet management, via WLAN, of the robots enables energy- efficient route-planning and optimization.

The warehouse areas – or the stargates – can be physically separated; the automatic solution provides the possibility of goods handling without staff (no need of lighting or heating for the separated area).

Best Presentation of the year 2016 – Agfa Graphics

“Sustainability through recycling via collaborative supply chain”

The audience awarded Agfa Graphics for their lively and clear presentation. The project is a very good example of supply chain collaboration within the networked organisation. With the project, Agfa Graphics and a number of partners in the supply chain of printing plates presented a sustainable closed-loop solution to its high-volume customers in which high-grade aluminium can be reused without value loss.

An evaluation of the carbon footprint of printing plates showed evidence that it is primarily impacted by the production of the aluminium itself. The study demonstrated, however, that today’s recycling methods allow for the use of recycled printing plates in the plate production process. This reduces the total carbon footprint by 70%, provided that the plates are carefully sent back to the aluminium manufacturer after use on the printing presses. Agfa Graphics developed and implemented a new circular supply chain for printing plates, through a process that is both financially and environmentally sustainable for all parties involved.

Professional of the year 2016 – Michalis Ziglis, Greece

Mr. Ziglis has overseen the continuous evolution of Logistics in his company into a services providing organisation with pioneer services for the market, which have turned the Supply Chain into a revenue stream for his company and have become major differentiating factor for the customer. His company has also introduced initiatives in the corporate responsibility sector; including recycling, energy saving initiatives and parental control services. These are exclusive in the Greek market and have been repeatedly awarded locally.




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