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Lean and Green GS1 Ireland Podcast Featuring Adrian Lannon and Derek O’Byrne

In this weeks podcast we were delighted to be joined by the Chief Operating Officer of Zeus, Adrian Lannon and CHEP’s Irish County General Manager, Derek O’Byrne. Both Zeus and CHEP Ireland are proud members of the Lean and Green Programme.

Faced with advancing climate change, new regulations and possible financial penalties, companies around the world are tackling head-on, the challenge of reducing their emissions in a verifiable manner. This is the aim of the Lean & Green Programme, which brings together more than 600 companies and organisations in 14 countries from across Europe with the goal of recognising and rewarding their emissions reductions in a consistent and transparent way.

The Lean & Green Programme is specifically designed to reduce the complexity associated with CO2 footprint reduction and to help organisations on the road to independently verified, accredited and recognised CO2 emissions reductions. 

CHEP’s Irish County General Manager, Derek O’Byrne.

Many Irish businesses want to reduce their CO2 emissions and be leaders in sustainable business. Lean & Green Europe has a proven track record of enabling collaboration in logistics and guiding its member organisations towards a less wasteful and a more sustainable future. The Lean & Green programme and star ratings give your organisation recognition for achieving various sustainable results. 

Companies that can demonstrate that they are actively working towards improving their sustainability are rewarded with the programme’s ‘Lean & Green’ Award. If they reach their goal of a 20% reduction over a maximum of five years, the organisation is awarded its first Lean & Green Star. The second Lean & Green Star is presented to organisations for achieving a further 10% reduction over a maximum of three years.

Chief Operating Officer of Zeus, Adrian Lannon

Moreover, in this podcast, our Linkline editor Jack Mullen addressed a series of questions to both Adrian and Derek. In the earlier parts of this Q&A topics such as Co2 reduction, the impacts of Covid-19 on sustainability and the need to adopt collaboratives approaches were all discussed.

Towards the later part of this discussion both Adrian and Derek talked about how financial organisations are now beginning to recognise companies that have sustainability plans as lower risk i.e Zeus and CHEP Ireland. Furthermore, both Adrian and Derek highlighted the positive impacts that have come about as a result of the Lean & Green Star initiative, which they dissected in the latter part of the podcast.

Finally, the two men were then asked to predict future of CO2 emissions reduction in logistics, trade, supply chain and packaging. Adrian and Derek were also subsequently asked to share what they hoped to achieve with Lean & Green Ireland in the next two years?

If you wish to find out more or listen to the podcast, please see here or see the link below.


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