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Lily O’Brien’s

Established in 1992 with just a saucepan, wooden spoon and a genuine passion for chocolate, Mary Ann named the company after her first born daughter Lily. Mary Ann remains the driving force behind the company’s ongoing success of this family run Irish company 21 years on. Mary Ann is an award winning entrepreneur driven by her passion for creating mouth-watering chocolates and the dedicated team of people who collaborate to create innovative consumer products.

We are located in a custom built 40,000 square foot facility located on the edge of the Curragh, just off the M7 and approximately 50km from Dublin and we have warehouses in 3 locations in Ireland and 3 more in the UK. Lily O’Brien’s has established a global reputation for being one of the most creative and innovative high quality brands in the affordable luxury chocolate market. Our R&D team is continuously inovating new recipes and following global gastronomic trends to ensure that our consumers are tantalized with current flavours. With over 180 chocolate varieties and a growing frozen dessert repertoire we have great fun at our morning tasting sessions! Our mission is to create a delicious chocolate taste experience, beautifully presented for you, our customer. We aim to achieve this through Excellence through People, Operations Excellence and Supply Chain Excellence.

The business started small, MaryAnn created, produced and delivered chocolates daily to boutique stores around Dublin until one day Superquinn agreed to list. Spurred on by this MaryAnn approached Aer Lingus and won a contract to supply Business Class. In 2013 we will supply over 23 airlines and over the past 5 years global passengers have enjoyed almost 56 million chocolates! Our dessert factory, commissioned in 2011, has supplied almost 12 million frozen desserts to the airline & rail catering industry globally. Retail markets now include the United States, Australia & New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom and our domestic market where we are category leaders. We also supply leading hotel groups and groups such as Insomnia and O’Brien’s Sandwich Bars with custom chocolates. As we export almost 80% of our production global markets are very important for future growth. It is critical to us that we have access to the most lean and agile routes to market and our supply chain is built on collaboration to eliminate waste for all involved.

Success like this does not happen without a dedicated team of staff and excellent vision. Our team is both internal and external, we have worked with our suppliers to ensure that they feel part of the Lily’s family and are as dedicated to the development of the business as we are. We source and use only the finest quality natural ingredients through collaboration and alliance with suppliers across our seamlessly integrated national and global supply chain network. We ask our customers what it is they want and design our supply chains to ensure these needs are met to the highest standards. We have adopted and instilled best practice philosophies, methods and processes to ensure we are using the latest industry best practice, continuous improvement is the mantra.Our business is not based on what is economical to procure, efficient to produce or easy to distribute.

We connect with our customers so we know exactly what they value and are willing to become passionate about. Whilst it is easy to connect with store buyers and develop products to suit their markets, we are also engaging with the real customers, the final purchasers. Utilising the powers of social & digital media though Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. we are reaching out to engage and build relationships that will sustain our business. We love to hear what people feel about our products and encourage interaction to foster positive feelings towards the brand. Having been finalists at this year’s ILTA  Awards and also triple finalist at the Supply Chain 2013 awards, winning the Customer Service Award, we feel we are going in the right direction. Never to get ahead of ourselves though, we will continue to invest in our people, our products and listen closely to our customers so we adapt and develop and continue to delight our customers with our passion for amazing chocolates and a delightful consumer experience !

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