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Ministers Launch Review of National Ports Policy

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan and Minister of State for Maritime Transport, Jack Chambers, have initiated the first phase of a public consultation for the Review of the National Ports Policy. This policy serves as the foundational framework for managing and advancing Ireland’s state port network. It has promoted competition among ports and eased entry for shipping companies since its inception in 2013.

Given the evolving challenges in the maritime sector, including environmental, technological, demographic, and geopolitical factors, a revised approach is needed to address the future needs of Irish ports. The consultation aims to gather input from stakeholders and the public to chart a course for the maritime sector in the coming decade, capitalizing on new opportunities.

Minister Ryan stressed the critical role of ports in Ireland’s economic development and their potential in offshore renewable energy. He encourages stakeholders and the public to participate in shaping the future of ports and the maritime sector while balancing economic, environmental, and societal demands.

Minister Chambers emphasizes the significance of the National Ports Policy review in ensuring the growth and efficiency of the maritime transport industry. He calls on all stakeholders to actively engage in the consultation, sharing their expertise and insights.

Public submissions will be vital in shaping the updated National Ports Policy during the consultation period, which concludes on January 15, 2024. More information is available on the Public Consultation for Review of National Ports Policy.

In the first phase of the consultation, an Issues Paper has been published, identifying 12 key themes that require policy responses and inviting questions and additional issues for consideration. The Irish Ports Capacity Study, completed in 2023, assesses the capacity of the port system to meet current and future demands up to 2040, with its Executive Summary available alongside the National Ports Policy Issues Paper for reference.


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