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Picture Of The Week – Scania’s new truck range

Scania’s new truck range launched last Tuesday at a special ceremony in Paris, will carry a heavier emphasis on the HGV market’s view of the term ‘Premium’. The renowned Swedish brand is introducing the new truck range over a phased basis and sees the creation of a new range topping S-series. It is the result of ten years of development work and investments in the region of SEK 20 billion (€2.2b).

“It is undoubtedly the biggest investment in Scania’s 125-year history,” declared Henrik Henriksson, President & CEO of Scania. “It is with hearts bursting with pride that my colleagues and I are now presenting the products and services that will bring Scania to new levels regarding market shares and carry us far into the next decade.”

“Today we are not just launching a new truck range but also a unique, ingenious toolbox of sustainable solutions in the form of products and services that Scania is first in the industry to be able to deliver – and I feel I can claim this with confidence. We are focusing firmly on our main task: to give our customers the necessary tools for achieving profitability in the one business that really means something to them, namely their own.”

Production of the new trucks starts immediately at Scania’s final assembly plant in Södertälje. Initially the focus will be on vehicles and services for long-haul transportation, but additional options will be continually introduced as more Scania plants readjust and additional options emerge.

“There is a tremendous amount of development work by our engineers behind this introduction,” emphasised Henrik.

“The most noticeable features are of course the new cabs, but the real innovation is that we are now introducing new technologies, services and insights that will help our customers gain an overview of both their costs and their revenues. Our goal is for our customers to be able to achieve sustainable profitability, regardless of assignment type or the conditions in which they work. Our customers’ vehicles always constitute a link within the bigger picture; Scania embraces this through quality, accessibility and a range of physical or connected services. Our new range of products and services re­defines the term ‘premium’ within the truck industry.”

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