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Platooning Trucks To Be Rolled Out In Europe Next Month

Next month six European truck manufacturers are planning g to bring platoons of semi-automated trucks to public roads, crossing borders from various European cities in order to reach their final destination of the Port of Rotterdam on the 6th of April in what will be a first in the industry. The reason behind the European Truck Platooning Challenge is to try to speed up the introduction of truck platoons by trying to get the issue high on the agenda for policy makers in the European Union.

The concept of truck platooning involves the linking of two or three trucks in a convoy. The vehicles follow each other at a set, close distance by using connectivity technology and automated driving support systems. The one at the front acts as the leader, with the following vehicles reacting and adapting to changes in its movement.

The challenge has been organised by the Netherlands as part of its ongoing EU Presidency and intends to nurture cooperation between truck manufacturers, member states, logistics service providers, road operators, road and vehicle approval authorities, research institutes and governments throughout Europe.

The benefits of this concept are plentiful. By travelling in platoons it can help make road transport safer, cleaner and more efficient.  By platooning, there will be lower fuel consumption due to the close proximity and same speed of the trucks with less braking and accelerating.

Therefore truck platooning has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions. Connected driving can help improve safety, as braking is automatic with virtually zero reaction time compared to human braking. Lastly, platooning optimises transport by using roads more effectively, helping deliver goods faster and reducing traffic jams. The concept has the potential to assist the truck industry in Europe to strengthen its technical leadership and competitiveness across the world.


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