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An Post gives Zetes Stamp of Approval

An Post is further enhancing its electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) system, with an upgrade to its existing mobility solution to ZetesChronos.

The software, offers additional functionality, including better customer interaction and more streamlined management of inbound shipments, will provide An Post with new capabilities to add apps and functionality as its business evolves in the future.

Powered by the MCL Mobility Platform, An Post can now easily add new services and products to its apps, enabling it to quickly react to market or customer changes.

An Post will also have the ability to centrally run, deploy and manage applications, without the need for costly IT infrastructure or to make alterations to its underlying software.

In response to a growing and more competitive e-commerce landscape, An Post aims to offer its 1.7 million customers a more comprehensive range of services and delivery options. In addition, the handling of inbound shipments coming from other companies will be optimised with a new automated receipting system.

ZetesChronos will run on the current Honeywell devices. Using the MCL Mobility Platform, a cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), An Post will be able to run, deploy and manage its PoD apps centrally without costly IT infrastructure.

Besides, the platform being hardware and OS agnostic, An Post won’t have to upgrade its current pool of mobile terminals, making its PoD solution fully future-proof.

“Zetes offered us a highly agile solution, which meant that we didn’t need to upgrade our current devices,” explained Liam O’Sullivan, Director of Mails Operations at An Post.

“This ensured that we were able to maximise our original IT investment. With around 4,600 postmen in the field, being able to centrally manage and deploy our applications from a single platform is also a true game changer; saving us valuable time and resource”, he added.

An Post has over 15 year plus relationship with Zetes, who have been working with An Post to streamline its supply chain processes.

Alain Wirtz, CEO of Zetes added: “As with many of the postal companies we collaborate with, An Post is continually looking for new ways to offer competitive services. We are proud that it continues to see us as a trusted partner and allows us to help future-proof its business.”


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