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Road Safety, Skills and Decarbonisation Key for Irish Logistics

Improving road safety, overcoming the skills shortage, and decarbonising operations are all key to protect the nation’s supply chains and to future-proof the Irish logistics industry, according to FTAI Ireland (FTAI), the business group representing the sector.

Responding to the Irish government’s consultation, ‘Ten-year Strategy for the Haulage Sector First Consultation Document‘, Aidan Flynn, General Manager of FTAI commented, “haulage is an integral part of the freight distribution and logistics sector and is vital for efficient and effective supply chains; FTAI welcomes this consultation and the chance to shape the industry.”

“In its response, FTAI is calling for government to prioritise road safety, the skills shortage, and decarbonising the industry, and for the role of minister for transport and logistics to be elevated to a full cabinet position to give them the authority required to enact change.”

“FTAI recommends that a Traffic Commissioner regime be introduced, similar to that which is operated in the UK. This body would serve the purpose of ensuring that only competent and reputable individuals operate within the haulage sector; just and effective enforcement is critical for fair competition in the marketplace. And with prosecutions for tachograph and roadworthiness offences rare, more effective enforcement by the use of graduated fixed penalties should be introduced and utilised to improve road safety across Ireland.”

Mr Flynn continued, “while a 10-year strategy is very welcome – business cycles play out over a 7-11years generally – the pace of change within the freight distribution and logistics sector has accelerated owing to Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic and the EU Green Deal; the approach to this strategy must be dynamic and facilitate periodic reviews and updates.”

FTA Ireland is a not-for-profit membership trade association for the Irish freight, passenger and logistics industries. They are wholly owned and governed by their members, and act solely in advancing their best interests and look at key actions for Irish logistics. FTA Ireland covers all aspects of private and public freight transport, passenger transport and logistics supply chain, including road, rail, sea and air. FTAI represents some of the largest freight and passenger operators in Ireland, with more than 25,000 employees and 10,000 vehicles operating between them. 

Source: FTA Ireland


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