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Russian One train, design of the future

The Russian One is a new commuter train that set to revolutionise the design of trains. Also called the R1, it has been developed by the Uraltransmash tram manufacturing subsidiary of defence and rolling stock supplier Uralvagonzavod, in partnership with design agency OKB Atom. The train is 24 m long and 2 500 mm wide. The Three section model will have four doors on each side of its carriage and has been designed to handle poor track conditions. 

This is the tram's designer, Alexei Maslov.

The body of the train has been made from lightweight material and the modular design allows for a unique design within each cab. It will feature felt covered sofas, wooden handrails and sliding glass doors that operate by touchscreen. The drivers will have a 180° view, and a 12° reverse angle of the front for good visibility as well as reduced glare and lower solar gain. LED lighting will be used as an adjusting feature depending on the time of day both inside and out and internal and external cameras.


The trains capacity is currently being configured with it currently ranging from 150 to 190 passengers and a proposed smaller version for reduced populated towns. The air-conditioned interior features Glonass and GPS-based passenger information, wi-fi, and antibacterial handrails. Regenerated braking energy could be used to heat the entrance areas to prevent icing, and battery power could be used for catenary-free operation.

The overhead LED mood lighting keeps the interior quite bright in the morning, and dim at night. Read more:


The designers of the train have described the prototype as ‘the up-to-date achievements of the Russian transport industry with hype-generating visual solutions’ and hope it will alter peoples perception of public transport. It aims to provide a ‘business class’ environment, with some describing it as an ‘iPhone on rails’. While currently in a conceptual prototype stage, the designers belief it’s not too far away from going into production. Their aim is to build production trams for Yekaterinburg and Omsk from 2017, with the manufacturer to offer a leasing package to encourage orders.



The Russian One is electric and can run for 50 miles. Read more: view of the driver's cabin. The 180-degree view helps decrease what drivers call the "dead zone." Read more: piece of the Russian One, other than the accordion connectors and door mechanism, was designed by manufacturer UralVagonZavod. Read more:


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