As Drone Popularity Wanes, Delivery Robots Try to Take its Place

Despite years of hype, Amazon’s delivery robots business has yet to exit its testing phase. For close to a decade, Amazon has insisted that the future of its last-mile delivery…

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Aviation News

How Drones Will Affect the Logistics Industry in the Next 5 Years

Image Courtesy of The Verge Are drones the future of freight technology? Companies like Amazon seem to think so. It’s an interesting time to analyse the potential influence of drones on…

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Watch: Amazon’s “Give A Little Bit” By Lucky Generals

Amazon’s global Christmas campaign by Lucky Generals features the retailer’s iconic boxes with their famous smiling logos as they travel around the world to meet their recipients. The packages have…

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Amazon Inches Closer On Making Decison To Join Pharmaceutical Sector

There is the potential for, Inc. to join the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout 2017 corporate giant Amazon has gained approval to become a wholesale distributor from a number of state…

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Amazon Prime Air

Amazon’s New Video Makes Delivery-by-Drone a Feasible Prospect

A youtube video released by Amazon features a real-life demonstration of their new Amazon Prime Air drone. The video, which features Jeremy Clarkson and a bulldog, tells us that their…

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